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7 Reasons You Need Lighting For Your Home

There are many benefits to adding exterior and landscape lighting to your property. Here we will talk the 7 most important:

1. Safety

Adding exterior and landscape lighting to your property heightens the level of safety. Lighting pathways that are difficult to see and/or have high amounts of traffic can save people from slipping, falling, and becoming inured. By taking preventive measures for the safety of your guests you might have save yourself from a potential lawsuit.

2. Property Value

Exterior and Landscape lighting is an easy way to add value to your property. Some studies show that there was an almost 20% increase in value once outdoor lighting was present.

3. Security

While a dark house seems uninviting some, dark houses are the prime targets for burglars. Adding lighting to your home can be a deterrent. In fact, according to Trenton Light and Water Company, “a two-year lighting study done in Washington, D.C. shows 44% decrease in burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after the installation of outdoor lighting.”

4. Functionality

Without lighting some parts of your property simply are not functional. When the sun goes down are you able to use your deck? Does your pool become a dark pit? With lighting you have access to all the aspects of your property.

5. Décor

By adding the proper lighting you can showcase the best parts of your landscape. If done correctly, the lighting will even become part of the landscape. Consider adding lights to showcase water features or certain trees. Adding mood lighting can also add to the aesthetic of your property.

6. Illumination

Illuminating your property makes it beautiful at night. Instead of falling back into the shadows once the sun goes down, your home will shine proudly into the night. When pull into your drive at night you can have the satisfaction of owning a stunning property that is showcased by beautiful lighting.

7. Curb Appeal

While lighting can bring attention to the best aspects of your property, it can also turn attention away from things that have less visual appeal. You can showcase the stunning trees in the front yard, while strategically keeping the shed in the shadows. Thus, you have effectively drawn the attention away from a less appealing feature. By doing this you add ambiance and curb appeal to your property.


These are just 7 of the many reasons why you should consider adding exterior and landscape lighting to your property. There are so many benefits of adding lighting to your home, why wait? We here at Landscape Lighting and Design want to help you take advantage of those benefits. With over 30 years of lighting experience, we will give you the best experience and outcome every time. We work with our clients to make sure their vision comes to life. Get your free estimate today by:

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