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Landscape lighting is what we do.  We have the knowledge, skills, and training to know how best to design systems that add ambiance, safety, and value to any outdoor environment.


We are happy to work with your existing landscape professionals, pool companies, outdoor kitchen designers, etc.

New lighting/landscape project

New construction


Annual service program, once or ongoing


Outdoor lighting and technology has changed over the past few years.  Halogen systems were once the preferred and reliable choice.  Today, LED technology far surpasses that of halogen systems and it offers more beautiful lighting options with extreme energy savings and bulb longevity.  LED systems have become the preferred choice for these reasons:

*High Efficiency:  LED uses approximately 85% less energy

*LED bulbs offer better illumination plus the ability to control the spread of light

*Most LED bulbs have a much longer life; approximately 50,000 hours where most halogen bulbs have 5,000 hours

*Over time, there is a substantial energy savings therefore, a substantial money savings

Converting to LED can be relatively simple based on the age and condition of your present fixtures, wiring, etc.  There are some fixtures that can be retrofitted to hold an LED bulb; however, some fixtures will need to be upgraded to ensure they are watertight and safe.  We also inspect existing wiring for age, wear & tear, and safety.

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