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In the hands of the experienced craftsmen at Landscape Lighting and Design, your local Fort Worth, TX, and Dallas, TX outdoor lighting company, your property will be made-over beautifully. We improve your everyday outdoor experience by combining advanced, architectural arrangements with strategic lighting. Call (817) 618-1494 for more information.

Since electricity was first discovered and harnessed for mass use, light has been considered a purely functional and practical element. It’s artistic qualities are frequently overlooked or missed altogether. However, in the right hands and with the right experienced professionals, light can be crafted into a masterpiece!

Invest In Your Property

It is a rare thing that someone gets to spend most of their days at home during the daylight. This can leave your backyard, front yard, or courtyard only available for full enjoyment only on the weekends. That loss can be easily made up for with our lighting solutions. As your dedicated design, lighting, and outdoor lighting company, Landscape Lighting and Design provides Fort Worth, TX, and Dallas, TX with transformative illumination! We can create an entrancing outdoor environment for you to spend your evenings and nights relishing. The fantasy settings our expert landscapers and designers can create for your property’s exterior can sculpt your garden, patio, deck, pool, or yard into the envy of every house in your neighborhood.

Our cultivated works of natural beauty can be traced by our subtle lighting, delicately hidden fixtures, expertly installed water features, and simply highlighted pathways and walkways. Our use of shadow and light will bring out the textures of your walls, fence, sculptures or plants. Well-placed outdoor lights act as both artistic accents on the environment as well a convenient illumination of paths and seating areas. To every guest, this convenience is a clear sign of thoughtful consideration. Landscape Lighting and Design, your Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX landscape company, can help you today to create an impression of care-free beauty and special consideration to each of your guests.

Landscaping Expertise

photo of rock wall fountainOur skills and knowledge include landscape lighting, underwater lighting, constructing water features, designing and building outdoor kitchens, general electrical contracting and building/modifying athletic courts. Our full range of services include installing and servicing every outdoor lighting fixture feasible as well as the design and implementation of construction plans for your outdoor living space. No job is too big or too small for our team of experienced professionals at Landscape Lighting and Design. As your local outdoor lighting company in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, we can help you with everything from changing out burnt bulbs to installing ponds, fountains, and sports courts. Call us today at (817) 618-1494!



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Top Quality Designing & Lighting Services

photo of water featureLandscape Lighting and Design is the outdoor lighting company in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX, that provides full, extensive, affordable services with superior quality. Our experience and training means we can handle any project related to improving your outdoor living space. Whether you want to start from scratch or improve upon a current lighting design or water feature, call us today. We will work with you to bring your vision to life. Take advantage of our expertise to add comfort, enjoyment and an extra layer of security to every outdoor activity you or your family wants.

Listed below are a few of our services available:

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the above list, don’t worry! Contact landscape Lighting and Design in Fort Worth, TX today at (817) 618-1494. Our outdoor lighting company offers a wide array of services which we carry out with complete professionalism and under budget. Simply ask us about what you are looking for and we can talk over what your property currently looks like, what you would like it to look like or accomplish, and how much money you plan to spend on improving it. We offer free estimates and consultations on every new project to ensure absolute transparency from the start.

Long-Lasting Lighting

LED & Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

The two largest challenges to outdoor lighting, especially for novices, is the inherent difficulties in concealing the bodies of garden light fixtures, and also tastefully concealing any necessary transformers to power the outdoor lights. Fort Worth’s Landscape Lighting and Design outdoor lighting company has been overcoming these challenges for more than 20 years now and are happy to continue doing so, day in and day out.

photo of pool lighting, landscapingLow voltage lighting fixtures emphasize illumination while keeping the visibility of its equipment very low. By their nature, low voltage lighting fixtures are smaller than their halogen counterparts. This makes them easy to mount, affix, install, and conceal. Also, if your garden grows over time or you want to highlight something new next year, their smaller sizes makes them much easier to relocate and resituate.

While low voltage lighting fixtures can be typically more expensive, their investment is well worth it. Their lightweight and small sizes are easier on sensitive plant species, as is the actual light they emit. It is not uncommon for many types of plants to be sensitive to harsh or intense lighting conditions. Low voltage fixtures can highlight the beauty of any plant without risking its lifespan.

LED lighting fixtures, similarly, are also more friendly towards light-sensitive plants. They are also excellent for featuring ponds, fountains, pools, paths, gazebos, patios, decks, and driveways. LED lights are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as they only need up to 80% less electricity than their counterparts. They also require little to practically no maintenance for up to a decade. Their bulbs can last 10 years without needing to be changed out!


Free Estimates & Consultations

photo of rock wall waterfallRegardless of whether you are looking to enhance your current outdoor features or you are looking to install new features or lighting for the first time, our lighting designers and licensed contractors are prepared to help you plan today. Custom home lighting designs involve going over the basic layout of your property so that the project you would like completed can be fully visualized and analyzed. Planning first can save a lot of time and money later when it comes to getting down to the physical labor.

Our designers and contractors have the experience and knowledge to make helpful, productive suggestions over the general arrangement of your outdoor features for optimal effect, function, and beauty. We will also discuss with you the best control system for your lighting layout. Contact Landscape Lighting and Design, your Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX outdoor lighting company, today for top quality services from honorable contractors. (817) 618-1494